Monday, June 3, 2013

Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India

Kalavantin Durg - Night Trek
We had always noticed Kalavantin from Prabalgad and Matheran though never been there.

We picked an beautiful April summer to visit it in the night we had not researched about it is very easy to locate visible on old express highway 

How to get there:

Mumbai to  Panvel railway station 
Reach the state transport depot or hire an share autorickshaw till Thakurwadi village 
You can also get down at shedung phata an take an rickshaw till thakurvadi 

Things to carry:

There is no source of water so carry atleast 3-4 litres there is an village located on the plateau where you can refill though would require an detour if you are planning prabalgad and kalavantin in same trek.

We started from Panvel at 5.30 pm reached Thakurwadi by 6.40 pm and start walking towards the plateau the route is pretty easy and wide though we enjoyed the usual frights along the way an local dog was helping us find the way he had smelled the chicken chilly we were carrying for dinner and wanted his share we reached the plateau in an hour and little more it was very hot with no breeze so we took couple of breaks. 

We settled for an dinner early on the plateau the sky was sparkling with star though the constant passing of planes all night will not let you sleep it got very cold in the night and the breeze picked up we started an fire to keep us warm. We couldnt get any sleep and around 12 am started towards Kalavantin Pinnacle.

We finished the last part early reaching the pinnacle at night was fun. Rock steps leading to Pinnacle are around 2-3 feet wide and are the best part of the trek. Getting down from the pinnacle was a little tricky though if you dont rush it becomes easy. 

We explored the plateau and the village a lot of development is happening below it looks like forest land has been illegally acquired by an shady builder you can see many bungalows and an huge resort at the foot of the mountain after all the excertion we fell asleep got up in time to reach thakurwadi for the 8 am bus to Panvel.

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